Why Object?

These were my objections to the proposed changes, you may have better ones.

Please don't copy this exactly as it's much better for everyone to expresses their views in their own words, but please use the themes if that helps.

Thank you.

Dear Sirs

The feeling of place, identity and community that is Reigate is very strong. South Park, Woodhatch and Dovers Green, if you care to look at a map, are obviously part of that community.

If the proposed change to the parliamentary constituency border of Reigate are adopted it will cut off a large number of local people from their obvious community, social and political centre.

People living this close to Reigate town centre have no affinity with the next nearest centres of population in Dorking 7 miles away and Horley 6 and a half miles away, when Reigate is a short 10 minute walk away.

There is a large area of countryside separating South Park, Woodhatch and Dovers Green from any other centre of conurbation other than Reigate. If this proposal were to be implemented it would leave our area out on a limb as far as political representation is concerned. No MP is going to be interested in an area, so far away from the main body of their constituents? South Park, Woodhatch and Dovers Green would have no voice in the political discussion resulting in the area being disenfranchised from both their community of Reigate as well as the proposed constituency of Dorking and Horley.

This proposal would cut off a section of Reigate’s population from the town and the local political scene. Our children go to schools in Reigate, our children go to clubs and churches in Reigate. We go to doctors in Reigate, drink in Reigate pubs, we participate in sports and society in Reigate. We all go to Reigate Priory Park and take part in all that that has to offer. We walk the footpaths of Reigate and relax on Reigate Heath. All these areas of our lives are within the bounds of political decisions and we want to have a say in that political decision making.

No sane proposal would have people who live between half a mile and one and a half miles away from the very centre of a town, be excluded from being represented by the MP whose constituency is called by the name of that town? Look at a map and see how this proposal splits people away from their obvious, natural neighbourhood.

Currently Woodhatch, as part of Reigate, is in the middle of a planning dispute about a proposed crematorium to be built on Green Belt land. Our MP the Rt Hon Crispin Blunt is opposed to this planning proposal. Whereas an MP based miles away from the area would be indifferent to the issue as it would be so far out on the periphery of their constituency and a less affluent area.

In reference to your own review details, we do not believe this boundary review takes into account any ‘regard to local ties, geographic factors, local government boundaries or existing constituencies.

Nork is currently part of the Epsom & Ewell constituency, nine and a half miles away from Reigate but only 2.7 miles away from Epsom. Surely Nork has more interest in what is happening in Epsom than in Reigate. Why not leave Nork with Epsom & Ewell and give Leatherhead back to Dorking and Horley, previously Mole Valley.

I strongly believe this boundary change will split our community in half and is fundamentally wrong.

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