About us

We are local South Park, Woodhatch and Doversgreen residents who believe we should remain within the Reigate Parliamentary constituency - rather than be forced to join Dorking and Horley.

We have no political party affiliation. The party you vote for is irrelevant to this decision.

The aim of this website hub is to raise awareness of these proposals, giving you an opportunity to post your views direct to the BCE about keeping Reigate together for the national government elections.

We are local people who are horrified by these proposals to split the Reigate electoral constituency, currently held by Rt Hon Crispin Blunt.

This website hub has been created to share information and make it easy to ‘Have your say’.

Please have your say here:  

We need as many individuals to raise their concerns via the BCE consultation website before 2nd August 2021.

We want to gather like minded people together to fight this proposal by leafleting and publicising this proposal via Facebook and social media, word of mouth, local business and community.

I would like to help:  

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