Help us to make sure the Reigate Parliamentary Constituency represents all our residents.

The 2023 Boundary Commission for England (BCE) are proposing new Parliamentary Boundaries across England.

In Reigate, they have suggested that south of Park Lane East in Reigate be moved into the Dorking and Horley Parliamentary Constituency.
Yet keeping Banstead – a 20 minutes drive from Reigate town centre - part of the Reigate constituency.

Help us to keep South Park, Woodhatch and Dovers Green part of Reigate!

There isn't much time. Public consultation ends on the 2nd August 2021

Visit the Boundary Commission for England Portal and view their interactive map,
click the link and put in your postcode:  

Please have your say here:  

southpark woodhatch doversgreen proposed boundary

Please ask your friends to support us.

It's just as important for friends who remain inside the boundary to support us by having their say to ask to keep us in the Reigate constituency.

Please have your say here:  

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